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UV Printing & Coating Services

We are the reliable provider of UV Printing & Coating Services to clients. Our team of engineers and highly professional technicians apply the UV Printing & Coating Services via most conventional industrial coating applications as well as by silkscreen. UV Printing & Coating Services can be formulated up to 100% solids so as to have no volatile component that contributes to pollution. Our UV Printing & Coating Services are widely demanded in the printing and labeling industry for packing goods in materials that keeps the product moisture free. 

Ideal For

  • UV can be used on smooth, pre-coated papers only
  • Ultra-violet cured coatings can be applied over link printed on paper and dried by exposure to UV radiation
  • This high solids level also allows for the coating to be applied in every thin films.
  • UV coatings can be formulated to a wide variety of gloss ranges
  • Due to the normally high solids content of UV coating/varnish the surface of the cured film can be extremely reflective and glossy
  • 80 lb text and heavier weights of paper can be UV coated, however, cover weights are preferred
  • UV can be applied on spot locations of the paper or by flooding the page
  • This coating application can deepen the color of the printed area
  • Drying is virtually instantaneous when exposed to the correct level of UV light so projects can move quickly into the bindery
  • A printed page with UV coating applied can be very shiny or flattened to a matte finish


Variety of UV Coating  

  • Spot UV
  • Full UV
  • Matt UV
  • Glittering UV
  • Sand UV
  • Hybrid UV
  • Texture UV
  • Color UV Printing

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