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Wet & Thermal Lamination Services

We are highly professional in rendering high quality Wet & Thermal Lamination Services to clients. Under the Wet & Thermal Lamination Services, we use two methods such as Cold Lamination and Hot Lamination. The esteemed clients highly praise the Cold Lamination for its effective results and cost effectiveness. Cold Lamination highly increased with the rise of wide format inkjet printers in the market, which often use inks and papers incompatible with hot lamination. Further, with the use excellent techniques, we are able to provide clients with the best, effective, and affordable Wet & Thermal Lamination Services Services.


  • PVC glass Lamination
  • Matt Lamination
  • Polyester Lamination
  • BOPP Lamination
  • Window Lamination etc. 

In Wet & Thermal Lamination Services, we use a plastic film that is coated with an adhesive and glossy backing, which does not adhere to the glue. When the glossy backing is removed, the adhesive is exposed, which then sticks directly onto the item which needs to be laminated. This method, apart from having the obvious benefit of not requiring expensive equipment, is also suitable for those items which would be damaged by the heat. Cold laminators range from simple two roller, hand crank machines up to large and complex motor driven machines with high precision rollers adjustable roller pressure and other advanced features.

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